Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

50 Day Question Challenge 2018 - Day 28

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28. How do you think people see you?
Very differently to how I actually am.  It is down to the way I project, I know.  I sit on a lot of my personality, so I come across as being fairly normal and generally unassuming - a huge juxtaposition to what goes on inside, which is a bit too left-field for most people's tastes.  My closest friends know this; other less so - including a friend who gently told me that they could see the struggle within me. They don't know just how perceptive they have been.

I think it is the same for many people, living like icebergs with their true identity well-concealed. Thing is, I keep a lid on it, because I am not sure how things would go if I didn't. It is a lucky person, who can truly live authentically and, in truth, I envy them.
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