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We are officially at the height of the season, located in a popular holiday resort.  My summer job is that of retail assistant at a local campsite.  We sell most things from wetsuits to croissants and camping stoves to pencil sharpeners.  I have previous seasonal shop experience at our now defunct local shop (not defucnt because of me, I hasten to add) and at an electrical wholesalers many years ago. However it doesn't prepare you for the fact that, despite the majority are fairly polite, nay even jolly, there are some members of the public who are pillocks who shouldn't be let out without a warrant.  I like to think that I am polite and easy going, however this is sorely being tested. I am used to our local zombies, but now we have free-range idiots who think that because they have paid for their holiday, it entitles them to be as gormless and as rude as humanly possible.

This includes various families that come in, commandeer the counter with a few items, get their partner to stand guard, so that no one else can be served on the till (as you have just started to ring up the goods).  They then to proceed to go round the store, phoning family members en route, bring stuff to thew till, then announce they don't want half of it, leaving us till operators to put it back  The piece de resistance? They complain when their ammended list has cost them £7.74, which they deem a rip off, grumbling and arguing between themselves as they walk out of the door.

We must not forget Child A who questions why I am drinking water on a break, when I should be working.  And of course, Child B who tells me that I should have put on more croissants, as she had came down at 11 and they had all sold out. Said child returned early the following day and complained that there were only plain croissants and that I should be fired. Her parents smiled weakly.  I gave her a death glare.  Sadly, I had to refrain from throttling the little brat, as I am reliably informed that it is not in the book of customer etiquette. Makes question my own sanity and kick myself for even thinking I was a 'people person'in the first place.

* sigh *

I just want to get through the next four weeks with a minimum of cockups and challenges and then figure what the hell my niche in life actually is.  I operate in sauna-like conditions and am expected to smile at times which are at best, frenetic and at worst, bloody chaotic.
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