Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

In Loving Memory

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Yesterday, I heard that one of my closest friends has died.  She had been admitted for extreme food poisoning, but had also spent some of her time on the floor previous to hailing another friend to her plight.  She was admitted to A&E (UK version of emergency room), then moved to a ward.  She was in the loo and we don't know whether she slipped/fell/collapsed but she took a massive blow to the head and died soon after.  She was 66 - I am still reeling in shock.  Too numb to cry. Just beyond belief.  I presume there will be a post mortem as she didn't died from what she was admitted with - in fact she was still awaiting diagnosis when this occured.  Her greyhound Alfie is with another friend, thankfully.

I am giving her immediate kin some headspace, then calling again on Sunday.  Head still reeling.  I only spoke to her a week ago.  She had forgotten my birthday and was sending it a day late.  The card is still hanging up.  I can't believe this...can't, can't believe this.
Tags: friend, in memory, jakie

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