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I'm Already Done

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Last week, my placement with my old school was cancelled.  I was a bit miffed but the agency had more work lined up for me.  I purposely blocked some days as I knew that the orders will come in thick and fast.  Now I am being spread like butter on a hot day.  I am at three different schools in the next seven days.  There is a regular primary school where I will be in reception class (kindergarten) tomorrow, back to a tiny school (87 pupils) on Tuesday next week, then I have been signed up at a Special Needs Unit until the end of term.  It look like the armed combat training I did in May will be coming up as they are all excluded kids.  I have my reservations about this, but I don't have much of a choice.  Plus, I have promised myself I would see this through - not to mention that apparently the retail sector isn't interested in my applications.  Email after email ignored - it is a super power to get in, it appears.

Tomorrows stint starts at 08:20 and is a few miles away.  Not a prob with Google Maps, but I usually like to reccy a place out first.  The full time work is near the same place, so I will have time to look at that after my morning stint with the little ones.  I just count myself lucky right now that I have work coming in.  Even if they are kickers/biters/spitters/punchers.  I yearn for a place in a bookshop, or (even better) a copywriting position somewhere.  Alas, in Sunny Cornwall, it is holiday trade, education system and NHS.  There isn't really anything else.
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