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I am at my happiest at the moment, because I feel inspired to write again.  In truth, it is at the fanfic stage, but I am hoping that I can break my teeth on this project - basically The Prisoner epilogue.  In theory, it will lead me to writing something original of my own at a later stage.  I am at my most comfortable within the Village as it is a familiar framework to me.  Although I know the episodes enough to repeat almost verbatim, I have been studying TP/67 in closer detail, noting syntax, lexis, neologisms, soundbites en route as well as observing stylistics i.e fashion, decor/topology and obvious signs and semiotics.  I have also paid better attention to PMG's primary interview and most of the videos submitted by pmg6portmeirion

In a way, it will be a good transition from my previous incarnation of writing academic assignments to doing something creative.  It will have no slash or other romantic pairings, as it was against PMG's development of either John Drake or Number Six to have any physical connection and that suits me fine. Anything else would simply not be 'canon', darling.  I am not sure yet whether to upload the finished product to AO3, as right now, I just want to use it as a safety blanket.  I wouldn't spoof it, either - it would be much too important to me. Plus, I would like to use different twists to the story.  For instance, No.2 (Mary Morris) in Dance of the Dead never received the termination order for Roland Walter Dutton (No.6 pockets Dutton's note, which is never delivered), so maybe he is one of the inmates of the retirement home. I also think that No.2 (Patrick Cargill) in Hammer into Anvil never left the Village alive.  Maybe also, the dead body that Six found in Dance of the Dead was indeed an executed former No.2 or inmate, whose funeral at sea had been ill-judged.

Ah fanfics - the eventual springboard onto something new :-)

Addendum ::: I would like to get hold of George Markstein's The Cooler as I think it might prove to be interesting reading .  For reference, please see Inverlair Lodge
Tags: fanfic, no.6, patrick mcgoohan, the prisoner

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