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Musings On Social Media Changes

Every so often, I consider deactivating social media and the recent developments regarding Cambridge Analytica has made me reevaluate my decisions. I am considering deactivating Facebook, but also LJ - quite simply because I am not comfortable with the movement of servers and its political implications.

Before I make any decisions in regard to deactivating LJ, I would like to as my fellow LJers some questions.

1) For those of you who have Dreamwidth - a) Have you considered totally decamping to DW? b)How is the level of traffic down there? Do people start to blog, then lose interest and revert to LJ, or do you find that people are naturally progressing from LJ to DW?

2)For those on WordPress - same questions really a) Are you going to move to WP permanently? b) Do you find the same level of interaction on WP, or do you find that readers essentially hit 'like', but don't really comment unless it is in regards to fanfic?

3) Anyone on Facebook - are you still a member, or deactivated for whatever reason? I tend to use it to have feeder pages from various positive websites, varying from painted stones, to academic websites; cartoons on cats to archaeological finds and from articles on astronomy to cartoons of Snoopy. And ridiculous memes on Benedict Cumberbatch. Prodigal 1 has deactivated his account, set up a new account with no one else on it other than positive news feeds. I can understand that.

4) Anyone here on Instagram? I get most of my photos for LJ from FB - would you recommend places like Instagram to get pix for diary entries?

5)AO3 users - fanfic was the preserve of the online journal. Do you feel that writing on AO3 has lessened your need for online blogging. Someone suggested that they only use their journal to direct people to their AO3 writing, now - do you feel the same?

Thing is, I know that any interaction with online media is going to be subject to data harvesting, but especially in regards to blogging, I really want to continue writing on line.

Anyway - any feedback will be much appreciated :-)

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I'm on instagram and use it to store pictures since it's hard to put them on DW and have them show up here.

I don't really use WP anymore, and never really used it for personal blogging. I found that the number of comments dropped a few years ago and never picked up again. Perhaps I'd not really worked on establishing a community there, though.

I'm at DW and find those who migrated there from LJ post just as much as before. If anything it's a bit less daunting than LJ because sometimes I feel as though it's hard to keep up with everyone. .

Not on FB. Did it a few years ago but didn't really like it.

Interesting in regards to WordPress - people really rate it, yet I had one a few years ago and found the numbers were poor and the interaction non-existent. I have a new account but have posted very little. This is part of my hesitation - I will be largely talking to myself down on WP. At least here, people do respond. In saying that, there is a guy who is a massive Colin Dexter fan and his posts are popular, with people responding. I think he also is connected to posting a lot on YouTube - perhaps one platform feeds another.

If you were there, I'd post. The difficulty is finding people.

I know what you mean - I hesitate to rid myself of LJ because the other sites don't seem to encourage interaction.

I am on DW, which cross-posts to here, but I have found that most of the people I know there are here as well, and most of them comment here rather than there. I remain on Facebook, but really only post pictures, and never participate in memes or quizzes etc.

I don't do quizzes on FB as I think it is data sharing par excellence. I engage with friends but keep my posts fairly low key.

While I have a DW account, I use it mostly as a back up for here. There is very little traffic on there for me. LJ is home and I will drop everything else first before I leave here. I know I'm one of those rare ducks, but this is home for me.

I will probably stay, specifically because people at least write to each other on here.

I also found that the people on DW seem to be a bit more hostile than the ones here (or at least the ones that I associate with). Over there, I'm sure there are busy communities and people, but I sure haven't found them.

I'm on Dreamwidth and WP, and so far have had absolutely zilch interaction from anyone. I post, but no-one ever replies.

I used DW when there were outages on LJ. We haven't had one for a while. I was deafened by the noise of tumbleweed after a while.

What's your ID there? I can add you to my circle on there, so we can communicate on either/both!

Edited at 2018-03-28 09:29 pm (UTC)

Stopped writing at DW back in the summer - only just starting to write at WP

Excellent! I've linked up to you on both of those!

I have a Dreamwidth account I never use except to back up LJ when I think of it. I blog on Wordpress but it is not interactive at all, but I use it very differently (it is intended to document my medieval research and projects). I have FB to keep in touch with certain friends and family. I don't use any of the others. I keep my privacy settings quite private, rarely post about anything political or sensitive, assume that anyone who wants to can read my stuff, and calculate that I'm not sufficiently important or interesting for anyone to bother reading about.

My FB settings are fairly innocuous - I am not prone to political or personal outbursts etc. I also don't get any negative news feeds in particular, other than requests for gaming and bizarre chain letters from some friends, who should know better. I ignore it in any case.

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