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Kernow Rocks

This craze has been going on since last summer, but has recently gathered pace.  The idea is to decorate stones and varnish them, then hide them for others to find.  Bit like a geological egg hunt, without the decay (bit hard on the teeth, though!).There is a news item from The Cornishman newspaper HERE that will put you more in the picture. I found this cheeky chap outside Aa health food shop in Penzance and took him for a ride to Looe while picking up Prodigal 2.  As I have given up chocolate, I am considering decorating some for Easter and releasing them on the poor, unsuspecting public.

I found them enchanting.  Other than acryllic paint, varnish and a bit of rock, it is down to the individual to let their imagination loose :-)

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We did this last summer and it was grand fun, still have a number of painted rocks that need to be set out.

I think it's a lovely idea - I might do some myself over the easter break :-)

We found a couple on our front garden! :

We were certainly surprised to find them. :D

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