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Derelict Mansion, Formerly Owned By David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

It has a long and interesting history.  It began life as a Tudor monastery in 1580 and has been through several hands since - originally guitarist Alvin Lee from the blue group Ten Years Later and notably David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) in 1983.  Rumour has it he recorded The Final Cut (1983) and parts of A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987) there. It was later sold to producer Trevor Horn and has been host to many artists and their albums, namely Manic Street Preachers, The Cure and Marillion, to name but a few.  Lastly, it has been sold to a comparatively unknown guy called Mark White, who has spent most of his time living and producing in Russia.  What IS known is that the place is falling into ruin and people would like to know why.

Someone is keeping a perfunctory look after the estate - the kid in the vid later says that there is a guy outside mowing the lawn.  However, the upstairs as grandiose as it looks, is falling into rack and ruin.  Clearly a damp problem pervades, but is fast accellerating with the possibility of a slate or five loose and letting the elements in.  Now, I am a fan of abandoned buildings, but they have to be well past restoration for me to be interested.  This is a case of terrible neglect and if you don't want something, then bloody well sell it to someone that has the means to keep it looking lovely.

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I started watching it, but it eventually made me motion sick.

I got a bit frustrated with the guy on the cam - quite a bit of the carpet shots could have been edited out without destroying continuity. I usually love abandoned places, but if they are just in a bad state of neglect and someone still owns it, then sell it on to someone who will look after it.

I had such hope for this because, like you, I adore abandoned buildings. It made me sad to see the china all ready for someone. I agree, if you are just neglecting it, then sell it to someone who can love it and take care of it.

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That is an incredibly beautiful building, and deserves proper care!

I know - I think that there should be a law in place to protect buildings from their owners. Theoretically, it is the Historic Listings section, but there must be a loophole or three which means that certain buildings can go to rack and ruin.

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