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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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Happy PI Day
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"Now You See It - Now You Don't."

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hi pye, happy pi!
don't be shy
have some pie!

; )

Unseen University = A wizard University in Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

Wizards are fat and jolly therefore their catchphrase is Eta Beta Pi or (phonetically) Eat A Better Pie.

"Nunc id vides - nunc needs vides" = bad Latin translation of "Now you see it - now you don't." Common conjurer saying.

Joke genealogy - part of Pratchett's charm was poking fun at lame jokes.

There is always time for pie - fourteen minutes past three in the morning ha ha :-)

oh, i thought it was maybe like the unemployed philosopher's guild


; '

ok you can have a slice of my pie..

Re: Unemployed Philosopher's Guild

I have never heard of the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild before - their website is bonkers brilliant. I especially love the Frida Kahlo plushie - thanks Mr P :-)

RE: Re: Unemployed Philosopher's Guild

i though for sure you would have heard of it..
but ok, frida kalo..
works for me!
; )

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