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Proper Job (Old Cornish Saying)

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Forgive my dark humour - I am still searching for a job and wondering how much I would miss a kidney.  I would write about the grim expectations I have in this time of life, made intolerable after the Brexit fall out and other excuses for dehumanising the work force.  It seems that The Guardian has done it for me, so please read their article on The Grim Reality of Job Hunting in the Age of A.I.

What I would like to ask is: what is wrong with settling down and doing your job independently?  What is wrong about being quiet, pleasant and thoughtful?  I certainly don't have a 'can't-be-arsed' character, but why do I have an over-emphasised 'can-do' attitude?  Seriously, with all the over-the-top adjectives here, would you really want an office full of 'passionate', 'positive', 'cheerful' people? It makes them sound like pre school childrens' programme entertainers or indeed kids maxed out on sugar. Picking up on The Guardian article - why do we have to feel that we are auditioning for The Apprentice or yodelling on The X Factor?  This is not for high-profile jobs, either - this can be shelf filling for your local store or cleaning at a nearby hotel.

Dear employers - even with the amount of people who are chasing your jobs, do you not trust your own instincts as to whether someone can do a job?
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