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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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Snow More

The snow has gone now - there was the fear that it would have freezing rain set onto it and automatically freeze, but it is at last melting, with the odd patch of black ice here and there.  I am more relieved that we have running water once more and that the pipes (crossed fingers) as yet seemed to have not burst anywhere.  This is an atmospheric photo of our church before the rain came - courtesy of Prodigal 2, who decided that he wanted to go for a walk before the snow disappeared.

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Prodigal 2 did a great job. I love the atmosphere he captured.

Thank you - he wanted to take some photos before it all disappeared. Looks a bit Gothic, doesn't it?

Wow, what a great photo!

He took some great shots of the village in the snow. About 2 hours later, it began to rain, so time was of the essence.

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