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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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Super Heroes
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They are becoming a rare species in the UK. Sad but true :-/

Yes, yes.

I've been pondering why I used google to find a recipe for sauteeing mushrooms when I have many good and trusted cookbooks. I know it becomes habit and quicker maybe? And it did bring up so many recipes! I'm sure some would have not turned out okay, as it happens, and I picked one of the top results like a lottery.

I wanted to make flapjacks (oatmeal) and mislaid my cook book. I used a Nigella Lawson recipe that was utter crap. Thankfully found my old book and the flapjacks tasted great :-)

The place I go has three of the smartest librarians you ever saw.
And a beautiful and scary woman doing security.

They all like to hang out with me. Think I'm interesting.

Setting the scene for an interesting story :-)

It's a joke about the TV show The Librarians.

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