The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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I spent yesterday trying to get some decent shots of the winter light, but was hampered by recurring sleet showers and duff batteries.  Nevertheless, I managed to get a fair few snaps with the Canon and the Sony Xperia.  I have got the charger for Rochelle's Nikon and I have downloaded the manual - a mere 452 pages.  So...won't be printing that out in a hurry.  Still, onward with some (not so light) reading material.

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Oh, I like this - it is so bleak.

Rest of the photos uploaded are in my Winterlight 2018 file here --->

I will venture out again when I have sussed the Nikon.

Wow, these are great. I really liked the one that was Ent like and the daffodils. :D

Thanks - hoping to take better ones once I have sussed the Nikon.

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