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Chris Packham's T Rex

I am an avid fan of Chris Packham and was thrilled to find he had done a documentary on the dinosaur.  It is a very good programme and I think forcibly argues how different the T Rex is than first expected, even though I suspect there are areas that allow for some 'plausible' romance in the areas where they cannot to be too sure (I can go along with the featherless bristles, but not a mane - the latter is seen more on mammals, however, as the T Rex's nearest relatives being the bird and crocodile families, there could be room for a ruff).

If anyone can pick up BBC iPlayer, it will be well worth the watch.

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Definitely want feathers.
It's basically Chicken Kong.

Did you see the documentary? They did briefly show Rex with feathers, but I think they decided that it wouldn't have feathers as it would overheat. They suggested that it might have had bristles.

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