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RMB: Leftfield - Song of Life

I have been watching Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and heard a toon I hadn't heard for a long time.  Good chill out track, as I remember, from a life long ago.  Good vibes :-)

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i liked that movie, good tune
do you have the film on dvd?

I recorded it via satellite during the Xmas period and watched it the other day. I wanted to watch 'Cradle of Life' (due on satellite any day now) but the ongoing bad weather has killed the dish and we are too broke to replace it.

We have another TV package, but it is not brill, but will have to put up with it until our circumstances change :-/

that's sad, i wish for santa to bring you a satellite dish!


I am sure that Lara Croft 2 will turn up on our movie bundle at some point. It is just bloody inconvenient not to have the dish right now :-/

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