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50 Day Question Challenge 2017 - Day 42
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42. Have you ever killed a houseplant?

Many - I have even managed to kill a cactus and they are pretty indestuctable.

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Oh dear. I remember killing a 150 year old bonsai. I was heartbroken...

Hmm, I appear to be an orchid killer, a Xmas cactus plant maimer, and an air plant suffocater. Plants quake in my wake.

I discovered that plants do better for me if I just water them once a week and ignore them.

I should take notice more, I suppose. I think it is because I am not in my office as much and just tend to forget.

I hedge my bets and put them all in one spot and I always water on the same day. I've worked it into a routine and this worked the best for me.

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it's one reason I'm glad I've never had full custody of a pet or had any children.

I have had both kids and pets and they tend to grab my attention when there is something they need. I tend to forget plants until they wilt and keel over. By then, it's usually too late :-/

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