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Job Seeker - That's a Job, Isn't it?
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Another day, another job interview preparation.  Very aware that people now like you to 'sell yourself' so I am combing the net for interview questions - especifically the 'behavioural' ones that seem to be all the hype these days (so, not just about previous good form and job experience - they want you to wag your tail AND theirs).  Steep hill to climb sometimes.

Anybody who is looking for that apparent edge can do so here HERE

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Yeah. I got feedback the other day after more rejections. I'm seeing my Remploy adviser to talk it over with her.

What positions are you applying for? What was in the feedback? I suppose at least you got feedback - some don't even give you that.

Academic admin. It's mainly that I'm not giving specific enough examples to demonstrate certain competencies (it's all this ƒ€cking 'competency-based' application stuff) – and that's partly because, having worked mainly on short-term/temp contracts, some of the scenarios they ask about have rarely, if ever, come up, or I haven't been in a high-up enough position to encounter them.

I had a similar problem with the telephonist job. I have got some experience talking to clients of my husband. I was unlikely to get abusive phone calls from them. If anyone else phoned in re work, it was usually the vat/tax man. I baulked at the fact they thought my answers were 'generic' - how could they be any different? Each company has a different policy when it comes to handling calls. I just felt that they were looking for reasons to pick holes. It wasn't like I hadn't told them that I had experience in a small company.

My Remploy adviser is going to help me with mock-interviews after the public holidays are over. (Worth contacting them if there's an office in reach, as an Aspie.)

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