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Mole No More

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I am pretty sure this was a cartoon when I was a kid - named Morris the Mole, but I think an Czech import called Krtek the Mole.  Remember loving it, but it was taken off our screens sometime in the mid seventies.


Re the job - I am relieved to be out of that acryllic-nailed Hen House.  Imagine this if you will - take a girl with half a brain (that's me by the way - hello) who gets claustrophobic and is not at home oversharing domestic setups - sharing make up/hair/nails/recipes/shopping/light entertainment shows.  Then slot her into a blue box-lined nuclear bunker with seventy other 'hens' who are producing three orders a minute to the excruciating sound of Radio 2.  For nine lobotomising weeks. Just at the end, I had food poisoning (a 'rogue' prawn), then flu on top of that.  Real flu. As in 'Cannot-scramble-to-the-back-gate-to-get-a-twenty-pound-note' kinda flu.  After being in bed for two days, I have resurfaced but still wobbly - off of food (not a bad thing, think I can spare a meal or three).  At least I have stopped the temperature swing of Polar/Lava and am tepid for now.

In between the food poisoning/flu (so - basically a disasterous 'sweet spot'), I went for an equally shitty job interview which I scored nil points for.  Even though I was appropriately dolled up, I know I delivered less than at my best.  However, the alarm bells should have rung when I heard that I should feel 'honoured to be shortlisted as it [was] a prestigious job' - backhanded compliment, cheers.  Then they said that my answers were too 'generic.'  Left fuming at that. They advertised it as a job that practically anyone with good diction/letter writing etc could do -  they would even train and put you on probation for 6 months. It became obvious that they wanted people with established PA/PR/secretarial skills.  That is NOT what they advertised and it sure as hell wasn't detailed by the wage packet.  They want a professional job, but pay you the same salary as the guys who empty the bins. Not a good start and at one of my old almer maters, too.

So, I am looking down the barrel of 2018 with absolutely No Wage At All and find that Hubby/Prodigal 2 are in the same boat.  This scares me witless (or something more scatalogically sibilent) and we all need to do something pretty quick before we start procuring objects from the Food Banks.

I need a job where I can work with a small number, or indeed from home, which pays a fair wage and matches my degree.  Or we are screwed.
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