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50 Day Question Challenge 2017 - Day 33

33. Did your parents ever tell you why they chose your name?

I think mum named me after an old friend of hers.  Hated it originally, but I don't mind the shortened form (which irritated mum, but hey, my decision) :-)

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Yes, I was named after a song, "Blue-eyed Elaine." And yes, I do have blue eyes.

I like the name Elaine :-)

Same with mine. Our next door neighbor named me. Ick...

I suppose in this day and age, we can be grateful that we don't get allotted truly stupid names - I have come across a child named February Flowers in my head count and one called Queenie Jeanne. Stop, already.

We have a patron named Ginger Root and another named William O. William... the third. Honestly!

I had a maternal great-great-grandfather called Caiaphas. His siblings included Antiochus, Drusilla, Caleb and Paulina Kezia. There wasn't a Seth or a Reuben, but frankly it is all very Cold Comfort Farm: the Yorkshire version.

To make matters worse, Great-great-grand-aunt Drusilla married a chap called Grimshaw and then named one of her sons after her (then deceased) brother Antiochus. That's just plain sadistic.

I must say, they are pretty amazing names even if they are rather a burden.

it means they are incredibly easy to trace in genealogical searches. There is only one Caiaphas Nichol(l)s in the whole of Britain.

I was named after a Dutch work colleague of my Mum's, whose name Mum had liked, and it was also similar to my Dad's grandmother's name. The Dutch lady in turn had been named after the personification of the French Republic as a gesture of solidarity at the start of WW2.

So my current historical passion for a ravishing little Revolutionary is kind of appropriate… ;-D

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