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50 Day Question Challenge 2017 - Day 25
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25. When you were little, what scenarios did your Barbies (or G.I. Joes) act out?

I didn't have Barbie dolls - I had Pippa dolls, a Cindy and a ball-jointed doll named Daisy.  They joined up with my sister's dolls (Anna, Frida and knitted dolls Benjamin, Daniel and Anna Jnr) and they all kinda lived in a pokey dolls house which was like a female cooperative.  They dollshouse was also populated with Whimsy china animals.  My sister and I got on really well, but our dolls argued a lot.

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"My sister and I got on really well, but our dolls argued a lot." Ha!

Well, I don't think any doll should headbutt another, but I suppose it is better than projecting it into real life.

Oh, man, I would play secret agent/PI with Ken. He went on the best adventures!

My dolls reenacted the seventies sci fi programme 'The Invaders' - that was a bit of fun.

I've always been a fan of spies and PIs, so it was a natural for me.

I must admit that the spy/thriller is a thing for me too, although I was more into 'The Prisoner' etc. I tend to go for more detective stories now, such as Poirot, Inspector Morse et al.

I liked The Prisoner, but I didn't understand a lot of it (I was nine at the time), but I did enjoy Mission: Impossible, Mannix and Hawaii Five-O.

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