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50 Day Question Challenge 2017 - Day 3
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3. If you died tomorrow, who do you think your death would impact the most?

I don't actually know.  It would not be a reflection on how much I loved them or them me.  I would say my youngest son, because he is still young and has not established himself yet.  Anyway, I hope to be on the planet substantially long enough that my passing will not leave such a gaping hole that people couldn't get on with their lives in the long run.

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Wow, what an awful question. You have to wonder about some of these memes.

When I read this question a few days ago, I considered swapping it for something else. Then I thought - well, it's a gritty question but I think I should consider it.

You are more brave than I am.

After my first wife died, one of the most heartbreaking images I keep is her dad at the memorial service. He was so completely broken. I was broken too, but I eventually recovered, as did he. Over time, it turns out the most significant impact was on her mom, who gradually settled into a depression that lasts to the present. It was subtle at first, but now she won't even leave the house.

That must have been dreadful for you all. As a parent myself, I couldn't even begin to imagine what that grief must be like. Especially the mother. All that locked-down grief. Bless you all.

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