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Giant Spider Puppet

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I am ok with spiders, but I might give this one a swat or three :-)

I wouldn't stay behind to swat it. I'd be heading for the hills.

oh you know i lovez me some giant puppets! What a great parade costume. I'd wear it. James and the Giant Peach. Shows a lot of engineering creativity. Just needs practice to get the legs a little more coordinated.

I love puppets myself - have you ever seen the one of 'The Sultan's Elephant' and 'The Giant Girl' puppets? Gigantic street puppets - incredible.

love them! sorry i keep missing em

wow that's really impressive!
I wonder how heavy it is to carry around?

Also - hi! I've friended you - hope that's alright?

Edited at 2017-11-14 05:00 am (UTC)

Hi - yes, that's fine. I will add you back.

I love moving imagery with giant puppets. I liked 'The Sultan's Elephant' for that reason.

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