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50 Day Question Challenge 2017 - Day 1
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1. What’s the wisest piece of advice your mother has ever given you?

I was about 7 years old and we were walking in Kings Wood.  She said "Don't eat that berry, it will poison you." I then ate a sloe and bitterly regretted that - spent the afternoon wondering if I was going to die.

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Oh, isn't that just like a kid? My best advice was my Mum telling me I was going to have a kid just like me when I grew up. Best birth control ever!

She also warned me off of a guy who was too ready to be * ahem * HANDY with the girls. She was dead right and I gave said guy wide berth.

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I think my mum would have done anything for me to be interested in boys when I was younger. She adored TBG and I think that if we'd divorced, they would have kept him and tossed me out of the family. :D

My mother was the exact opposite - never keen to let her girls grow up and have relationships - in fact she would meddle to ensure that we didn't have a private life.

On the whole, my folks liked Hubby, though. Which is just as well, because he wasn't going anywhere.

that was Mum with my older sister, but not me. Ginny was boy crazy and I was book crazy.

I was more bookish than boy-centred, but Mum was a bit of a control freak, God rest her soul.

Mum was pretty good, but by the time I came along, she'd had lots of practice. :D

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