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We Will Remember Them
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Find My Past has been running a freebie on army records for the weekend. I got several of my great-uncles' records, and one of my great-grandfather's records.

2 of my great-uncles died on the Western Front (Miraumont, 1916; Doullens, 1918, after 2nd Arras); the husband of a great-aunt was killed at Soissons.

A great-uncle died in the Hull Blitz, and various cousins of my paternal grandfather in the Clydebank Blitz, at Dunkerque and after being in a Far East POW camp.

My paternal grandfather was left permanently disabled while serving in Palestine with the MPs in WW2, in an incident with Aussie troops who were gunrunning.

Yes, we remember.

A heavy loss from one family. My mother's uncles survived, but she had tales of school friends who never came back. Some served in the war, cut down before they came of age (back then, it was 21); some were kids who were killed by being in the path of a bomb (my mother lived between Red Hill and Biggin Hill in Surrey and they used to see the dogfights overhead.

peace and love


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