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Floof Fetches Stick

His owner said the following :::I don't have the heart to tell him that he is not a dog!

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amazing cat

I miss my old cat - he was fluffy like this one :-/

i should get a cat. i used have cats. well, my son liked them. he's had a few over the years and still has one in new his happy family. my granddaughter is growing fast, she's about 8 months. i don't see them enough. they claim they're too busy and don't send out photos much either unless i ask for some. yes, a cat would be welcome here.

They are great pals :-)

I know - cats usually don't like water, but nobody told ol' Scuba Kitty here...

We had an old tom cat that adored water. We always joked that he was a water sign.

That is ridiculously cute…

I agree - adorable Scuba Floof :-)

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