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Day Off

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This cold virus of mine has been a particularly nasty little sucker.  I really thought it would clear out by the weekend, but no.  Like a particularly annoying houseguest, it has overstayed its welcome and I do not appreciate keeping myself and others awake by wracking coughs and shivers etc.  It has cost me around £70 (I am a seasonal worker and therefore don't get the same protected earnings as full time staff) and I am fairly pissed about that.  Seriously, if I thought I could make it out the door this morning, I would have gone - sniffles and all.  I doubt I would have made it past the front door.

We were with a friend who was musing my change of circumstances.  He asked me how I felt changing from a student who was tackling big subjects that were 'cerebrally challenging and all encompassing' - to that of a mindless envelope stuffer but nevertheless, 'contributed toward the household expenses.'  I said that although it was pressured, I did feel like the job has its Zen moments, though you can't afford to go for a walk round your head too much.  One slip can see a kid's proof get stuck to someone else's large order - lost and never seen again.  Which throws your numbers out, so you would have to rip the packs open and search for the missing kid.  Or said kid was missed off of the printing role and it wasn't your fault in the first place, but you have had to rip it all open just to be sure.  Oh the minutiea of factory life, muses the mole.

Plus side, I have escaped Radio 2 for the day and am currently spending it swigging Lemsip and chomping on Lockets, wearing a huge fluffy fleece and huddling a hotwater bottle.
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