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A Plea From the Heart
Radio 2 - why oh why, when we have such a back catalogue of music greatness, do you have Morrissey and Roy Orbison on loop?  Two perfectly ok people to listen to - but not several times a day?  Just sayin'...

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I love some of the music on Radio 6. In the factory, I don't have a choice, alas. I think this is why I am drawn to weird and wonderful music at the moment. An antidote to being a cog in a machine.

I love the wonderful and weird.

I hate it when they do that. There is one station here that I swear has ten CDs and just plays them ad nauseam

Heart FM was a bit like that, but Radio 2 is an 'easy-listening' channe, catering for the masses. Some of it is OK, but I think we all give a collective groan when Morrissey has been on for the third time and it happens every day.

This is why I hang with Radio Tunes. They don't tend to overplay songs and with as many channels as they have, I can always find something to suit my mood.

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