The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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The Cockney Amorist

Oh when my love, my darling,
You've left me here alone,
I'll walk the streets of London
Which once seemed all our own.

The vast suburban churches
Together we have found
The ones which smelt of gaslight
The ones in incense drown'd

John Betjamen

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I try to make an effort now and again :-)

thank you for the effort

Ooo what a great poem and imagery.

He lived in Cornwall for a fair while, ended his days there too :-)

I also posted it as it was Bob Hoskins' birthday yesterday (I have a soft spot for him and was gutted over his passing a few years ago).

He was a great actor and just a nice man. sigh...

I love the photo: it reminds me of the paintings of Atkinson Grimshaw…

It's very atmospheric ;-)

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