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Joe Cool
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Posted on FB by former LJ blogger bardcat - you are sorely missed here, my friend :-) xx

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Whoever did this made a good job of it. My youngest son as a kid loved Snoopy, so I drew many large pictures of him to put on his bedroom wall.

I use to read Bardcat on different people's friends list. I recall Bardcart having health problems the last time I recall reading his LJ. Did Bardcat die?

Bardcat is doing well - receiving treatments for ongoing health considerations. I believe that he quit Facebook earlier this year, because he didn't like the new policies that had been introduced during the last LJ upheaval.

I keep in contact with him on Facebook and still writes as eloquently as ever :-)

Tell Bardcat he is sorely missed in LJ. Bardcat was on my friends list for awhile but I once commented on one of his entries which he found offensive and blocked me from commenting on his entries or being friends. I did not always agree with his views but this is a free country and I believe in freedom of speech/writing here in LJ one can read or not read. peace

I can't comment on LJ messages or spats between bloggers, but I think things can too easily get heated online because it is a textual forum, thus without the niceties of body language, voice intonation and facial expression. Obviously there is freedom of speech but also the freedom to block - I have had to block a few in my time. One was a guy who thought he could befriend, then leave salacious posts in my inbox. Another was a woman who had a massive falling out with a fellow blogger and was posting their ex blogger friend's details online, encouraging others to call the ex friend up and be horrible to her. I thought "I can do without this" and I blocked them too.

Some people have been blocked because of a simple break down of communication or, as you have suggested, disagreements on subjects. I will pass on your good wishes - take care :-)

I mean he left LJ, not Facebook - *duh* I must be tired.

I miss reading him here. He is such a bright soul.

I do too, though we are still in touch via Facebook :-)

Looks a bit like me having a coffee.

It would make a great LJ icon :-)

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