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Post-Degree, Job-Seeking Blues
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Here I am, post-degree - and I am struggling to find a job in this neck of the woods that reflects my degree.  I think I am signed up to at least six different job sites, some of which share the same jobs.  I have phoned several organisations to see how I can get a foot in the door, but the 'supposed' department receptionist seems to be delightfully vague when it comes to just what I can do and what is available.  I KNOW what I can do - I have a whole LIST of what I can do.  Dare I say it, I am starting to miss the confines of uni.  However, I see little point in ruining myself financially and physically to get an MA, in a place where an MA would only be interesting if you were going to teach.

Right now, I am zipping through extraneous shredding of crap I don't need anymore.  My problem is a stockpile of uni books which I have advertised as being cheap/free to good homes.  If I don't get an answer at the end of next week, the whole lot is going to Oxfam.  Frustrations abound.  Personally, I want to balance my day by job searching etc - then settle down and try to write (so many creative things in the in tray just waiting to be written).  Not particularly itching to do NaNoWriMo 2017 as it would be too much hassle - but I do concede that I need to do something.

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I'm trying to give myself between 20 minutes and an hour to write everyday, and it really helps. I know what you mean about the job hunting. Even though I have a lot to do right now, I'm constantly having to look for more clients to keep the income steady... it's why I hope this editing job might pan out.

What sort of work are you looking for?

Editor Assistant, Digital Assistant, Lexicographer, Copy writing, Library - anything books/words related.

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