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Goodnight, All!
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take one, leave one.. books that is

I have vowed not to buy any more books until I have read the ones I have and thinned out the ones I don't want anymore more.

i went through that stage and i'm still working on reading them...

i also found that a lot of new books are trite or fluff. i like my old books

I have quite a few reference books that I really don't need anymore, plus some books that I really should read (I have Moby Dick and Moll Flanders - sounds a bit rude!) but have not round to the idea. I am hoping to rectify this in the long autumn/winter months.

now is the winter of our discontent...

my life never slows down in winter like it used to. i hope to have time like you to also organize and cull my library. there are too many other projects ongoing to afford this. oh well, like they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions..

i have a number of reference books i wouldn't want to part with, the just in case kind, with eclectic information about random things, the kind of stuff impossible to find, unless you can magnetize, somehow draw it to you. in a perfect world we should be able to have whatever we need just by thinking about it. and not to worry about losing all those precious gifts.

so winter, yes, as for moby dick, did you know that the aha character is a reference to hassan i sabah from the 10th century and the group who call themselves illuminati, the illuminated ones who are professed to be of the true religion of metaphysics and alchemic knowledge, and that by way thereof, ahab is also the whale moby dick in transformation. you know, like when you go inside yourself to find the answers to life...

god bless

Re: now is the winter of our discontent...

No, I didn't know about the Illuminati information ,but knowing what I DO know about Moby Dick (the basic outline) and esoteric subjects (substantially more), the symbolism at the very least seems to fit.

Re: now is the winter of our discontent...

uncanny, i just found that today in a book by robert anton wilson called illuminatus trilogy!

Re: now is the winter of our discontent...

Magnus Incognito's books are quite interesting too :-)

Re: now is the winter of our discontent...

Oh, those crazy rosecrusians!

would you like to be a sacrificial virgin?

i realize that could be a double edged question...

; P

Edited at 2017-09-17 12:17 am (UTC)

I am only pure in heart - not in mind, body nor spirit, Mr P


that's a good start..

Wow, what a great idea. I am going to have to see if I can find a pattern for that.

Quilting. Hand sewn applique is my preference and I've just gotten bags and bags of fabric from work. :D

Oooooooooooo I would love to see that :-)

I will have to see what happens. :D First I need to finish my raven quilt, though.

I would love to see the raven quilt - I'm a big fan of the corvid family :-)

Me, too. I'm working on the sixth square of nine. Nearly finished. :D

OK - pix please when you are done :-)

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I could imagine you under a quilt with an ace album cover on it :-)

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