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Adjusting to Life on the Outside of Education

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At this point of the calender, I am usually preparing myself for the next academic year, which starts in the third week of September.  This year, the third week will be taking up with my
graduation - so yay for me.  However, now I have to take my BA English cert. and try to find work placement with it.  I have spent the afternoon getting advice from PROSPECTS as to my possible career moves, weeding out the stuff that I know won't be suitable.  I have uploaded my old CV, added my new education status and had a look at the 'Tranferable Skill' set, as discussed by Plymouth University.  There is a LOT that needs to be revised; I also need to apply to the job link hubs in order to find work in the area where I live.

After the weekend, I will be looking into careers advice via Plymouth (saying that, as they are preparing for the new academic year by dispatching the fresh alumna i.e. me and last years third years), that may take place in the first week of October.  I will also have a chat with careers advice re my other alma mater - Truro College, to see about job opportunities for TA's in the Adult Education sector.  A lot to do.
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