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John Betjeman - Meditation on the A30
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John Betjeman - August 1906-May 1984
A man on his own in a car
Is revenging himself on his wife;
He open the throttle and bubbles with dottle
And puffs at his pitiful life

She's losing her looks very fast,
She loses her temper all day;
That lorry won't let me get past,
This Mini is blocking my way.

"Why can't you step on it and shift her!
I can't go on crawling like this!
At breakfast she said that she wished I was dead-
Thank heavens we don't have to kiss.

"I'd like a nice  blonde on my knee
And one who won't argue or nag.
Who dares to come hooting at me?
I only give way to a Jag.

"You're barmy or plastered, I'll pass you, you bastard-
I will overtake you. I will!"
As he clenches his pipe, his moment is ripe
And the corner's accepting its kill.

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good poem!

it is so - 70s road rage gestalt to me.. the only thing missing is the valium and ludes

modern life

who needs it?

A man on the freeway
Is revving his car;
He opens the throttle and spits and roars
He puffs out his chest
the smoke of his pitiful life..

I was studying Betjeman for O level when he died - such a long time ago, now :-)

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