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How To Disappear Completely - Mer de Revs II

Music for Insomniacs

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i'm in pretty bad shape, i can't relax enough to enjoy this cool music... it's exquisite but i'm so wound up and my tgn is acting up, it's a funny old world.

maybe this can help me relax..

; '

I had problems sleeping last night, too - awoke quite late and have missed a good chunk of the day. I am sorry to hear that you have tgm problems still. I am not sure how you can dispel the 'wound up' feeling. I have tried to make my room have more pleasant ambience, but I think a lot of the problem is that my internal thermostat is playing up. Hot/Cold etc - Merci, Madam Menopause :-/

sorry to hear you're not getting your beauty rest like a real princess...

as a man, i pause for your menopause and hold silence

you are now Coco Rosie - jekyl and hyde...

much love
hope you feel better

dr. π (pi)
; )

LOVE THIS!!! Very 'Bjork,' if you know what I mean.

Thankfully, I don't have menopausal mood swings - but I do have sweats and insomnia, which is a pain.

i know how that is, it just hits like a flash, but i don't know how it feels.. creepy? exhilarating? overwhelming? painful? maybe orgasmic? it's part of life i guess..

i think with men our heat is personified through anger...

you girls are a lot more connected to the earth and cosmic energy

it's like magma..
; )

Well, I can't speak for all the gals, but you just go from walking around feeling fairly cool, then it feels like being in the middle of a tropical storm/ end of a marathon run, without the exhilaration, or sense of achievement. It's JUST like magma and bloody inconvenient LOL :-)

I think you maybe right - more guys admit to having hormone fluctuations and anger issues - maybe it is from the same source, but is channeled differently. I think guys are connected to the earth and cosmic energy, but it has been dissipated by modern-day expectations of man, alas.

and money issues because that seems to be how westerners measure our self worth...

i hate the words investment portfolio


I can well identify with that - love 'Potless' from Cornwall.

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