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Auschwitz: Drone video of Nazi concentration camp - BBC News

This chilling drone video was shot by the BBC and shows the enormity of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp as it is today – over 70 years after it was liberated by Soviet soldiers. The camp in Poland is now maintained as a World Heritage Site and thousands of tourists and survivors visit it every year.

Auschwitz was the largest concentration camp established by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Over a million people – most of them Jews – were murdered there between 1940, when it was built, and 1945, when the Soviet Army liberated it.

More information and original article HERE


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Yes, extremely chilling. My throat tightened up, my stomach churned, my eyes teared. My sadness was overwhelming. When I was a teenager, my mother encouraged me to read and watch movies or documentaries on Hitler and the concentration camps....and told me to never forget. I've had many dreams and still do have dreams of my mother and I on the trains looking out the windows or walking the barren lands together. I have never forgotten!

I showed the article to a fellow student, who tells me that (quote) "all that is left of the barracks in Birkineau is the brick work on the foundations and the chimneys, the wood has all rotten away. When walking through the central part of Birkineau after going through the gate, all the eye can see in all directions is these brick chimneys. That is when the scale of how many of these barracks there were really hit home."

Man, what a somber and chilling video. what scares me is that we seems closer than ever from having this happen all over again. I fear for the world.

I think we should be reminded what atrocities mankind are capable of. That includes even the most normal of people. They should look closer to the 'Five Steps to Tyranny' experiment.

I am totally with you on that.

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