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Which One Would You Choose and Why?
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Different answers from my nearest and dearest.  Prodigal 2 thinks that A would be an excellent idea (as so would we all! P2's washing mountain is one of the household's major bugbears).  P2's girlfriend N declared that she would definitely want D, as she is scatty.  Mine is a self cleaning loo for sure.  In a house of lads, it would be a must!

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I don't care about the laundry; I just want somebody to do my dishes and keep the counter uncluttered.

Right with you on that one :-)

E ) A gun that shoots bumper stickers, so the BMW that cuts me off the instant I put on my turn signal to merge gets decorated with one that says FUCK THE PIGS.

(Yes, there is a good deal of history here.)

That, my friend, is pure genius - I would patent that sucker straight away.

all the above, of course!

if i had to take one off the list, it would probably be D

A self-fixing house would be ideal.

god yeah, then maybe i could finish that bloody painting i started before parrish interrupted me..
leaf by niggle - tolkein

Self cleaning toilets. Hands down.

That was my feeling, too. My kids were 9 years apart so by the time the little one was a toddler the teenager didn't hang out with his embarrassing family. So have never needed the divider. I like doing my own washing, or rather it isn't a big deal to walk my laundry between machines.

Self cleaning loos would be a godsend.

(Deleted comment)
There is something very therapeutic about it. As a kid, I used to love watching the washing machines at the launderette and that warm, soapy smell. Best place on earth, especially if it was a bitterly cold day. I had to hand wash for my first years as an adult, then I had a twin tub (remember those?). I was thrilled to bits to finally get my own washing machine.

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