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Sea Glass Color: Complete Guide To Origin And Rarity
Blue, yellow, green, brown and aqua sea glass colors.

By the time you find a piece of sea glass on the beach, it has been on quite a journey. Whether it was a bottle, vase or something completely different, it has been tossed about in the waves for decades before ending up in your pocket.

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I love sea washed glass - I have a number of pieces that have been used in silver jewellery.

I don't have any, but I love looking at it.

I don't have sea glass, but I have gemstones and Murano glass.

This showed up just after I collected a bunch of sea glass in Labrador. It was a very cool article.

It has certainly made me look at sea glass with different eyes. I am sure that I have picked up some of the rarer stuff and not known it.

I love sea glass - I have some items of jewellery that have sea glass and softened broken pottery set in silver. Quirky works for me :-)

I love quirky jewellery! As I was going out this morning, a young lady stopped me in the street to compliment me on my outfit – blue velvet dress, lapis lazuli beads, Roman coin pendant (Julian!), and one of my home-made picture brooches (Max). She asked me if it was "anyone special", so… There I was in Whitefriargate, explaining the hotness of Maximilien de Robespierre to a stranger with an infant in a pushchair… ;-D

Love the idea of home made jewellery:-)

It's not exactly home-made. I pick up frame brooches in charity shops, generally with crappy bits of old embroidery in them, take the insides out, and replace the embroidery with photocopied pictures of some of my favourite people. So I have a collection of brooches depicting a range of characters whom I can wear for different occasions, anniversaries and depending on my mood/interests.

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