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Seagull Rips Off Man’s Testicle As He Sunbathes Naked

....and to think that most guys just worry if their pasty has just been nicked!  True story via Suffolk Gazette <------ story NSFW (no gory pix, just description), so viewer's discretion is advised

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Ouchie indeed. I am not anti seagull - it is mankind's fault for over fishing and feeding them with takeaway food in the beginning. However, in our coastal towns, gulls have become really dangerous. People have reported blooded fingers and cut lips etc. All we need is a toddler to lose an eye and things really would have gone too far (though I feel sorry for poor guy - must have been dreadful for him).

I can't even imagine and really don't want to. Yet another argument for mandatory swimwear...

A few male friends were wincing over this, understandably so.

Yes, I could see where this would be an issue with them.

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I know - they took my son's wallet when he was five years old and, on discovering that it wasn't edible, left it on the flat roof of his classroom.

Would it be possible to train them to do that on command? I can think of a few possible candidates…

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Well, they have honed expert stealing skills - however, to do this on demand might take some doing.

Drat. I'd like them to do it to several politicians…

i think even the news - people have trained seagulls to cut their balls will make the politicians much better guys...

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