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George R. R. Martin - A Game of Thrones
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For many reasons (mostly degree related), I have not tuned into A Game of Thrones, but have had many people recommending that I do. After seeing George R.R. Martin in an interview on SKY Arts and finding both the clips and the author interesting, I have decided to take the plunge by buying and hopefully working (albeit slowly) through all six books that I now have in my possession.  No spoilers, please - I have already got Prodigal 2 trying hard not to give the plots away (he has read at least one of the books and has watched the rest on his various internet accounts).  P2 did take one look at my sweet, naive face, blanched and said "OK dark can you go?"  No doubt I will find out.

So - wish me luck, I''m going in :-)

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Great stuff!
For me, as a mediævalist, half the fun is spotting which historical events, real people and mediæval literary works have inspired which bits…
It's great fun.

I think it will be a very interesting read :-)

It takes a while to draw you in, but it does… There's a plotline that reminds me a lot of Kriemhild and Attila…

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