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Not Looking Forward to Tomorrow
Tomorrow, I will have my gold tooth removed with the hope that it will clear up the lurking abscess in my jaw. As previously stated, I have got Trigeminal Neuralgia and still they want me to have this done under local anaesthetic. Good luck with that - the tooth has big, deep roots and it doesn't look like it is going to budge without a LOT of force. I am trying not to think of it, but am bricking it nevertheless.

That is all.

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All done now, just need time to recover :-)

Thanks it's very sore, but at least it's done.

Excellent! Hopefully it will be worth it. you did get to keep the gold tooth, didn't you?

I retained the crown but they disposed the rest of the tooth. I was surprised just how big/long the roots were. No wonder she had to tussle with it to get it out.

Glad you got to keep the shiny bit. Teeth are meant to stay put (well most of them). :D

Hope you're hurting less by now!

Thanks - nursing my jaw a bit, but the tenderness under my chin has gone.

May you recover quickly, and may I get up the courage to get to a dentist like I should. I am beyond terrified of them and now it's to the point where I have no choice. Ugh.

Thank you Anon - I hope you will find the courage to do so. Dentists these days are usually quite approachable and will now guide you through the process. You may find that there is less damage than you thought and they can advise you on pain management etc. . Good luck with it all :-)

Good luck and hugs, m'dear. The Boy (see icon) sends his, too, given his experience with a bullet…

Warm salt water rinse might help.

I have been instructed to do so by my dentist - told not to swill, just hold the salt water over the infected area. Ouch.

Thanks for stopping by :-)

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