Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Vochol- The Volkswagen Beetle decorated with more than 2 million glass beads

The Volkswagen Beetle is arguably one of the most famous cars of all time. The production of the iconic car began in 1938 and ended in 2003, with more than 21 million units built.

The iconic “Bug” is loved by people all around the globe. As the first model built by Volkswagen, it was designed by Ferdinand Porsche as a car affordable for everyone. The last car was produced in Mexico in 2003 and was directly delivered to the VW museum in Wolfsburg, Germany. Over the course of its production, many owners have customized and created unique examples of this great car, but perhaps none is as unique or extraordinary as the Vochol, a Beetle decorated with more than 2 million glass beads.

For more information via The Vintage News - click HERE
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