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Down to the Calico Sea

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Nelly on the Skids
ermile  GIF

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I've always loved Effalumps... and Nelly's in perticular. This one is brilliant and I hope she's happy as hell! I wonder if she went 'WEHEEEEEEE ' all the way down?:

You do find some glorious gifs Rosie... I DO HOPE you are well and leaping about and having a ball in the sun. (You ARE getting some sun??? please take a whole load of ours if you like, cos we've got far too much.. I'm like a sauteed spud!)

Oh Nelly the Elephant went to play... .. aaah.. oh happy Toto - she must be a baby ... still got that downy patch on her back.

The baby elephant is adorable, isn't she? Looks like he/she was loving it.

The weather is stuffy here and set to get warmer this weekend, alongside thunderstorms - all to do with a meteorological occurrence called the 'Spanish Plume' which will be hovering over the southern part of the British Isles.

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