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The Scold's Bridle Dream

Further to my shared post on masks (c/o Mr pigshitpoet via b_picture at Live Journal), I had some very gothic dreams.  I was at the side of an abandoned church - very like the one at St Day Old Church, which was closed down in the fifties but still open to the public in its derelict state, which I photographed back in 2014. I was with my husband and our friend T.  We were attending a small memorial statue, which was situated on the north wing of the church.  T lifted the head of a drooping lily, observing how the life of the lily was so fleeting.  I looked at the arrangement and they were just ghost flowers. T disappeared through a crack in the far wall and I had to make a detour through a vast Victorian house.

It was open plan and the downstairs had been turned into a gallery of shops, not unlike the Pratt's Market Complex in Hayle, which previously was a chapel and an army/navy surplus store (circa 1980).  A friend of mine B, was trying to sell an arrangemnt of artefacts.  She showed me a glass tongue that had been made for a specific mask and that it had been haunting her.  She showed me the tongue - then the Scold's Bridal (as shown above) - video below.

In the bridal were a live set of teeth and gums - which were my own.  I was taken aback, but not horrified and I said "There is your problem, right there.  You should give the remains of this poor person a decent burial and you will not be haunted anymore."

I came away from the house and looked back on it.  it was the third one of four terraced houses and was very gothic in structure - red and black brick with cream woodwork.  A long wall where children played had my face depicted in red and black brick against Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' - also in red and black brick.  It was very much like the brickwork for Diagon Alley in the 'Harry Potter' movies. I took photos of it with my mobile as I didn't have my Fuji camera with me (IRL Fuji has become erratic and glitchy - I suspect the memory card is playing up).  After I took the photo, the wall went back to normal.  I met T, Hubby and Prodigal 2 under the Hayle Viaduct and went home.


It has all the hallmarks of a very lachrymose dream, but instead it felt like there were natural endings and new beginnings  I took the 'Scold's Bridal' reference as how I was treated back in my youth, but it is also symbolic of the problems I now face with having increasing bouts of Trigeminal Neuralgia, which I am due to have reviewed by the oral and facial unit as I haven't seen them since my botched wisdom tooth operation over 20 years ago.  I also get a sense that there are a number of ghosts being laid to rest on the confirmation and final award of my degree - both the appointment for my teeth and the award just happen to be on the same day.  I feel that the memorial statue in the dream and the lillies also represent this change of circumstances.

So.. there are portals and viaducts and I am sure that Freud would have his day in the field over this - but I see it as changes in the cycle of life and I am hopeful for the future.
Tags: dreams, harry potter, masks, scold's bridal, trigeminal neuralgia

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