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Dill's Ill

I haven't been posting as much recently because the cottage is boiling hot and the only source of faintly cool air is in the front room - and I have a stationary pc in my office that does not have a fan. It is very humid here and it makes one lethargic and crabby.

We have had to take beloved senior cat to the vet. Dill has thyroid and kidney problems, so the outlook isn't great. Not that we begrudge paying out for the cat, but the vet has stung us over £500 (USD $644.00/Euro €565.00)with more to follow.

You can only do your best for a beloved family member.  I don't want to think about the future - just one day at a time and I don't want to talk about it.

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Aw! Cuddles to the poor furry darling.
I understand the worries: Charlie the white cat's human parents had a lot of financial strain re: his chemotherapy, though as his Dad said, the love and affection he had given them, in the few years he'd lived with them, meant he owed him some back. But in the end, all we can do is make sure that our small friends end their days in comfort and surrounded with love.

Yes - we are looking into all possible ways to give him a balance of food. In researching the food that the vet has recommended, it appears that we should try a little bit of normal food as the renal diet is not something a cat wants to eat and it is better that he eats a combo of the two rather than him not eat and therefore not consume his thyroid meds. It's difficult as we know that the food he should have is better for him

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