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Calico Pye is Nifty at Fifty!

Tis my birthday - the big five - oh dear.  Having a fab time so far and am celebrating with the track that was number one in the UK on July 1st 1967.

Have a great weekend, one and all xxx

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I loved that song when it came out. Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday, m'dear! I'll be 52 at the end of August.

Thank you - will look out for your birthday, then :-)

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Oooh you ADMITTED to it. the big 50!!! just keep going till you get to the big 80.... and then creak along to the 90.... gaaahhh.

Hope you really had a blooming BALL love. I DO I DO I DDOOOOO!

I'm doing OK re age - I had a great time xx

A great song. And. Big happy birthday. I was 50 a couple of months ago.
As a little gift there was a second video shot at Witley Court which you can link to through Wikipedia. The second video shows the band walking through the ruins there. I visited the same place a couple of months ago it's very impressive.

The video does have a few clips interspaces of the Vietnam but the ruins they use are magnificent

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