Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Plymouth University - One Last Day

I am off to Plymouth University, accompanied by Prodigal 2, who is aware that I still have problems with my torn up feet, suffice to say I will be getting taxis from the station up to the complex.  This is the last time I will go to the university as a student - I am handing in my library book and collecting my marked work with the lecturers' assessments sheets.  One of them just happens to be the dissertation, so I will want to have that back in its minted glory.  I will have tea one last time in the building (or maybe The Caffeine Club) and then return, hopefully with the sense that no matter what, there is closure.  I will of course be up there for graduation, but this will be on Plymouth Hoe in September.

I still have absolutely no inclination to read/write even the most basic of books - even magazines leave me dry.  That might change tomorrow when P2 is plugged into what-was-mine-and-is-now-his ipod and I resort to staring moodily out of train windows.  Things are acoming full circle, although not like the train gif above - I hope.
Tags: gifs 2017

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