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Mazey Day 2017

Managed to take some nice shots of the parades, but it felt curiously lacking this year.  Many of the crafty stalls have disappeared and it has been filled with New Age clothing (which I like - but there were many stalls like this and no wood carvings/glassware/puppets etc of previous years).  Plus they have seemingly cut down on their live music.  I suspect most of it was on the Promenade and will continue to be so tonight and tomorrow.

Photos can be seen HERE

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It's always a disappointment when something shifts. We used to love to go to the asparagus festival here and look at all the arts and crafts and then it became more like a flea market.

Thanks for the photos and I hope that the rest is a gas! I adore the sea gull's wings. And the nod to the Hawaiians!

Yeah, it was a blast :-D

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Looks like plenty of cool floats, though! Thanks for pics.

I missed out a couple, but they were pretty cool - you're welcome:-)

It was - it gets very crowded though and my youngest son found it a bit claustrophobic. The moving imagery is amazing, though.

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Thank you - it's an arts festival and it brings out the best in the locals :-)

Ooooh I LOVE Mazey Days..... and those cheese hurling ones and... all that wonderful creative stuff. AMazing what people come up with. and so ..... artistic. I LOVED the octopus and the meduses... jellyfishes..and the SEAGULL.... scary! YOOOGE. oh lovely lovely, and I WISH I could watch live. cos the atmosphere is just something else, isn't it.

Bless you, and I hope the arts and crafts DID appear on Sunday!!!

The MONTHS they spend building these things.... I LOVE EM.... am a real baby when it comes to floats and carnivals (the right sort - like local ones - not the Brazilian flash jobs)

Hope you're having a bloody fabulous birthday darling. Honestly.... oh wowo and only twenty one again!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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