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It has been just over four weeks since my hand in and I am well on the way to recovery.  I am walking a lot better and I believe the bacterial problem has left.  I am feeling far better and more human than I have done in months. What has surprised me is my lack of wanting to do anything that resembles reading or writing.  Not even a crossword puzzle or an acrostic. It is almost like I am done trying to read and do close text analysing - I don't even want to read chic lit, such is my level of listlessness when it comes to the written word.  I have had several round robin emails reminding us that we can do the MA, but as I looked like Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' in my final days there, I think the answer is no.

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The plus side is that my dissertation lecturer wrote that my dissertation was 'tightly-focused and intelligently-conceived'; there were a few things I should have brushed up on and I thoroughly agree with him (you can see quite a few things with distance and hindsight) but he ended the assessment by saying it was a 'forcefully-argued and independent dissertation project.' Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Made my day!!!! He especially liked my use of Bentham's panopticon, which was a gem I found back a couple of years ago.

Right now, I am getting ready for Mazey Day tomorrow, my birthday is the weekend after that, my wedding anniversary the weekend after that and finally, my final results and degree award.  So, I am unapologetically going to celebrate for the next few weekends :-D

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have a wonderful time of celebration!

Re: going to celebrate

Thanks Jonny, there will be photos to follow :-)

Rock on! I'm glad you are feeling better AND got a good report on the dissertation. I bet that took a load off your mind.

Rocking out to Elbow at Glastonbury at the moment :-D

Good for you. That's as it should be. :D

That's a pretty great comment on your dissertation -- sorry to hear things have been rough for you health-wise, and I hope you have a great few weekends 'off'. (Also that it's not too hot for you!)

How's your foot, Bec? And are you back home yet? Thankfully the weather has cooled right down and is a more manageable 16-19c :-)

It's... OK. To be honest I'm having trouble keeping my spirits up :( We're due to fly home next weekend and I am a bit worried about how that will go.

The weather has been pretty good here, too! Not too rainy and we've had some stretches of sunshine. The children went to a fair yesterday and had a good time -- there's such a lot going on as it comes up to the school holidays, they're kind of spoilt for choice :)

Whereabouts are you staying?

I'm near Newcastle, with my parents-in-law. They have a great house and lots of room and have been really generous with both their time and their space. But I think just with everything and all the hassle, I'll be glad to be on our way. I feel bad for them, too, having to run around after me and all. I'm sure they're looking forward to having their own place back again!

As I said, I tore up both feet over five weeks ago and the hospital didn't THINK I had broken anything (even though they xrayed, so either I had or hadn't (don't really understand that), but it seems that I had broken my toe of my other foot. I am hobbling still, so I do empathise. I felt like a total dick when I did it and even worse when others had to fetch and carry for me. Being stuck in a different country with kids too, must be very testing too.

I'm so sorry I missed your accident! There are so many small bones in the foot, I needed a CT scan to be able to show that I'd broken the ones in the middle. The toes were easy to see, and the first doctor was all, 'Oh, you're fine, here's the break, have a moon boot' and it was only when I saw the surgeons that they said, 'something's not right...' and sent me for a scan.

Yeah it was back in May - I missed my footing down concrete steps and was wheeled off in an ambulance because I couldn't walk to the car. Feeling better now, hobbling a lot, but at least I don't need crutches any more.

Anyway, hope you have an ok trip back and wishing you a speedy recovery :-)

Yes, we needed ambulance, too. It was a bit hard going off and having to leave Adam here (the PIL were away so he needed to stay with the children).

Thanks, me too! I'll be glad when we're finally at home.

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Seriously, Bot? Must be a slow night on LiveJournal - thanks anyway.

Oh Rosie, after all that drag and work and sweat blood and many many tears.... you are getting the lovely comeback. I AM glad you could surprise your teacher with an 'individual' and original dissertation...... how GOOD that must feel. oh LOVE... how SUPER. and I'm dying to find out what you'll get to wear as a medal!!!!

(and now I know what a panopticon was - I always thort I knew when I went to the Albert Hall!)

Ande a birthday.! and an Anniversary - aaarrrhhhhhhhhh, how super, and Mazy Day and Summer and

Yes, I do know what you feel like about words, reading, 'producing with the mind?'' and that awful (but secretly enjoyable) vacuum of intelligent activity. !!! Enjooy it - dunk the strawberries in it!!!! I am! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

I am planning to partay xxx

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