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Blazing Today

I'm sorry, I know - us Brits can't cut it, when the temperature is north of 24c (75f).  I think it's the lack of air and the humidity.

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Humidity takes me out. My sympathy to you. Do you have A/C?

Alas, no - it's an old cottage that doesn't even have central heating. I have a couple of industrial fans blowing, but it just feels like luke warm soup being recycled :-/

Wow, hot, it still hot and we are used to this - you aren't!

For a rainy warmish county, we are really feeling it.

I hear you on the humidity. At least your historic lack of central heating has meant you are better at putting on a sweater, or coping with warm temperatures indoors. I wear a light dress and sandals to work so I won't die of heat stroke on the way, then wrap myself in shawls to cope with the fact that men in suits, wearing closed shoes and socks, are usually the ones who set the temperature in our building.

It's the same temperature today, but it has a bit of breeze behind it, thankfully :-)

I have an excellent hose in the back garden :-D

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