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Summer 2017

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What's the weather like your way? Our problem is the humidity, high uh and pollen count.

Yesterday it was 108, today it will be 107 tomorrow, 109 and so on. We may 'cool' to 98 on Sunday, but right now we are in position to smash the record for longest string of 100+ days...

Wow - whereabouts are you? It's even hotter today - us Brits aren't acclimatised, unfortunately.

Central Valley of California - San Joaquin county. We are the hot of the hot right now.

You have my sympathy - we're just not used to temperatures north of 75f

We are okay with these temperatures, but we usually build up to them, not have them dumped in our laps all at once.

I am in the far south west UK and it is comparatively mild compared to the rest of Britain. In the summer, though, it the cities like London that are REALLY burning. It usually doesn't get past about 24c here, and up until just before the weekend, I was still partially in the winter wardrobe. Like you said, it's kinda rocked up without notice.

It's whatever you are used to, you know. this sort of heat is normal here, but later in the summer. However, I've read a couple of reports that said we are only going to be getting hotter in the summer because of global warming. Not cool at all...

I hope you are able to cool down a little. We could sure use a bit of cooling air right now.

OMG! I am sending you all cooling thoughts!

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